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Jordan Elliott is a staff writer covering the San Francisco 49ers for SB Nation

49ers vs Saints game preview: New Orleans is better than their record indicates

San Francisco can’t be caught looking ahead ...

What Jimmy Garoppolo is doing on third down this season has been special

How the 49ers have dominated the NFC West this season

There has been a theme...

5 takeaways from the 49ers' dominating win over the Cardinals: This is the most dangerous team in the NFC

The 49ers showed exactly why that’s the

How the 49ers can avoid getting Colt McCoy’d for a second year in a row

Reports Monday morning said that McCoy would get the start. Which means the 49ers have another crack at Arizona’s backup quarterback

49ers vs. Cardinals preview - Another home game on the road

Will the Niners take advantage?

Shanahan’s usage of orbit motion kickstarted the 49ers' offense in the second half

Defenses love falling for eye candy that Shanahan throws out

Jimmy Garoppolo has been excellent on third and long this season

He’s had to be for this offense to excel

The 49ers defensive line delivered with the game on the line

As they have time and time again

5 takeaways from the 49ers' comeback win: The second-half defense was superb again

The defense hasn’t allowed 100 yards ... combined ... in the second half of the two previous games. DeMeco Ryans adjustments are working