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3-round 49ers mock draft: Eagles trade picks 18 & 51 for Deebo Samuel

Don’t sleep on the Eagles making a move for Deebo

49ers mock draft 5.0: The Deebo Samuel trade

What a 49ers draft would look like if they traded their All-Pro receiver

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Jordan brings us his fourth version of a mock draft. This time, the Niners trade up

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49ers Mock draft 3.0: It’s all about the trenches

A potential McGlinchey replacement...

A closer look at what the 49ers can expect in the second and third rounds

There is a lot of pressure on these picks to perform

Meet Samori Toure; the most underrated wide receiver in the draft

A wideout the 49ers recently met with

Mock Draft 2.0: More depth for the 49ers at key positions

This draft has more needs

Examining what positions the 49ers have valued in the draft under John Lynch

A look at which positions the 49ers have favored in the draft under Lynch

49ers Mock Draft 1.0: Building on the strength of the Niners roster

Jordan Elliot gives us the first version of his mock draft this year