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Marc Delucchi is a contributor for Golden State of Mind and Niners Nation covering the Golden State Warriors and San Francisco 49ers. Marc is a freelance journalist whose work has previously been featured at the Dallas Morning News, SFGATE, Baseball Prospectus, Niners Wire, Niner Noise, and more.

NN Week 4 Predictions Contest: 49ers look to avoid Cowboys’ fate against Cardinals

The Cardinals beat the Cowboys last week. Can the 49ers avoid the same fate?

As Patrick Surtain II’s father sounds off, could the 49ers capitalize on Broncos’ mess?

The 49ers have the draft picks to make a splash on the trade market, what about the Broncos' top corner?

Position-by-position grades for the 49ers easy 30-12 victory over Giants

The 49ers weren’t perfect on Thursday, but that only showed how great their potential is.

NN Week 3 Prediction Contest: 49ers face the Giants on a short week

The 49ers are heavy favorites after an excellent start to the season.

Monday Night Football Thread: We’re treated to the Browns, Steelers, Panthers, and Saints

Enjoy tonight!

Position-by-position grades for the 49ers 30-23 victory over the Rams

The 49ers had far from their best performance, but it was enough to defeat the Rams.

NN Week 2 Prediction Contest: 49ers look to keep rolling against Rams

Two undefeated NFC West teams, but one with far higher expectations.

Cowboys star Micah Parsons calls 49ers Brock Purdy a top-15 QB in the NFL

Parsons might already have more veteran savvy than Patrick Peterson.

Jets vs. Bills MNF thread: Aaron Rodgers debuts in the Big Apple

Josh Allen has struggled in recent outings against New York

Position-by-position grades for the 49ers 30-7 blowout win over the Steelers

It’s hard to get off to a better start than that.