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Nicholas McGee is a UK-based writer who covers all aspects of the 49ers for Niners Nation. He has covered the NFL since 2013 for a host of publications and reported on the last two Super Bowls on location. He is hopeful he will soon get the chance to be in the press box for a 49ers Super Bowl appearance.

No, the 49ers’ offensive line is not a weakness

A question-mark at RT doesn’t take away from the OL’s strong 2022.

How aggressive will Kyle Shanahan be on fourth down in 2023?

The 49ers head coach’s 2022 decision-making belied his conservative reputation.

Why Danielle Hunter could be worth another big swing from the 49ers

It could take a second-round pick plus extras to land the Vikings pass rusher.

Brock Purdy must improve in these 3 areas in Year 2

Year 1 was remarkable, but it was certainly not flawless.

The 4 most important position coaches for the 49ers in 2023

Kyle Shanahan’s staff must maintain its status as one of the league’s best.

3 challenges the 49ers secondary faces heading into training camp

The 49ers may have the ideal DC to build on recent strides in the defensive backfield.

Deebo Samuel can bounce back in 2023, just don’t expect a repeat of 2021

The conditions for a Deebo comeback tour are excellent.

5 Non-quarterbacks under the most pressure to perform for the 49ers in 2023

It isn't just Brock Purdy who will be under the microscope.

Why the 49ers can be confident of a Drake Jackson breakout in 2023

The second-year pass rusher is primed to ascend in year two.

The improvements the 49er offense must make to become NFL’s gold standard

The red zone was a persistent problem area.