"In our philosophy, the tight end is a needed component because of the physical nature with which you want to play football," Harbaugh said. His words became measured. "The tight end. A fullback. Needed. Without those two positions, you tend more to be a finesse type of team." Now he was rolling again. "Especially if you can get a fullback, a man who lives a spartan life, who goes to bed and dreams about physical confrontation and getting from Point A to Point B to go hit somebody," Harbaugh said. "If you have that kind of face as your identity for your team, then you can play the kind of football that we are talking about."

Vote for Bamm Bamm!


THe Madden '12 cover is is up for voting....bracket style. Winner gets the cover, and our very P-Willy is on the list. His first round matchup...Seattle's 12th Man. Come on people...we can't let Willis lose to some flippin Seabag for Bamm early and often!

DeMaurice Smith Appearing On PFT Live With Mike Florio At 9am Pacific


DeMaurice Smith will be appearing on Pro Football Talk Live with Mike Florio this morning at 9am pacific. If you click on the link above you can then get to PFT Live by clicking on the box on the right side of the page near the top. A pop-up window will then appear with PFT Live.

"If you're 6'6" or over you should be allowed to piss in the sink--just throwing that out there....


"If you're 6'6" or over you should be allowed to piss in the sink--just throwing that out there. Only the bathroom sink of course." --Anthony Davis Coincidentally, he's listed at 6'5" ( )

Wes Bunting breaks down Blaine Gabbert


While I don't always like what Wes has to say - I'm fully on board with his analysis of the Mizzouri QB. There have been people on NinersNation that will attest to this but I still feel it's an important discussion considering that come draft day there is a good possibility Gabbert could be sitting at 7 and Mayock and Co will be calling for #11 to land in the bay area.

Communism and the NFL owners.


Interesting read comparing communism to the NFL team owners.

Kaepernick Scores a 37 on wonderlic


Sounds was verified as a smart young man with a 37, the 3rd best score behind Greg McElroy's 43 and Missouri's Blaine Gabbert's 42 Is it a bad thing that he didn't score as high as Alex Smith who had a 40?

Pass Rushing Rankings


Guess which niners are ranked in the top?