Well, the Miami Dolphins have done it again. They've raided our practice squad and signed stolen OT Matt Kopa. We should come up with a rotating schedule and assign people to guard the practice squad. Our future depends on it.

Goldson Says He's Played Hurt All Year


Goldson told CSN that he has played with injuries all year. He has a slightly torn plantar fascia in his left foot. A deep bruise on his right knee cap. And a sprained right wrist since last November.

When your 2-6, you start finding all kinds of problems, and arguing about leadership should be...


When your 2-6, you start finding all kinds of problems, and arguing about leadership should be about 50th down the list... between the head coach and the quarterback. What we should be discussing and spending all this time on is how we're going to pass block certain blitz packages and what type of reads we're looking at and can we stop running the ball every first down and can we set up a sequence of plays that actually benefits the next series of plays, i.e. play-action and some of those things, utilizing your players, and getting your defense to play up their abilities. It's been a little bit of a frustrating year, and so I think anything that starts diverting from the action on the field and execution ends up being not a positive, and not constructive talk at this point.

Brent Jones, on KNBR's Morning Show (mp3) Despite the long, rambling run-on sentence, it's hard not to agree with Jones that this teams priorities are a bit screwed up at this point.

Dallas TV Station Reporting Wade Phillips Fired


Not surprising...back to Defensive Coordinator for Wade, I bet.

Week 9 coverage map ...!!


Even though no Niner football , here's game's on in your area ...!!

San Francisco 49ers Roster Ratings and Discussion Group


Well if any of you play madden religiously you probably know that EA has it's own forum for this and if you partake in that forum you know Ninjames is our Team Captain. Well the thread over there has been glitchy and it has taken weeks for some of our posts to go up well I put together this Facebook group so we can continue to have our discussions about our teams Ratings however pointless it may seem to some.

Week 8 Rookie Report Card: Iupati, Davis, Mays


Someone from the National Football Post breaks down the performances of Mike Iupati, Anthony Davis, and Taylor Mays against the Broncos last week.

JERRY RICE: Officially G.O.A.T


Joe Montana: 4 Ronnie Lott: 11 Steve Young: 81

This gets me excited...


please niners make a run toward the playoffs!