Interview with Michael Vick... a childhood 49ers fan


Very interesting that Michael Vick was a childhood 49ers fan and his favorite player was Joe Montana. I wonder if that increases the probability of him becoming a Niner via free agency next year. Strauss : Who was your childhood star? Why? Vick : Joe Montana – He was the man. Strauss : What was your favorite NFL team growing up? Vick : San Francisco 49ers.

Pro Bowl Ballot


This may be a bit ostentatious of me but I am a Yorkist! I believe as of right now Gore,Lee,Willis and Lawson are deserving of my vote even TKO but secret ballot and all that so vote away folks. Go Niners run the table

Troy Smith leadership


Enjoyed this video - usual Singletary BS but really enjoyed Smith's demonstration of leading a locker room. This video also notable for VD trying to resist the temptation to take his trousers off because he knows the camera is on him.

Bills claim Shawne Merriman


Well, there goes our shot at getting more pass rush help this season. I know many of us on NN have been clammoring for Merriman for the past couple of weeks, myself included, so I'm mildly disappointed by this report. Surprised he didn't even get by the first team on waivers though.

A few NFC West nuggets from Football Outsiders' weekly stats-based rankings of NFL teams: Todd...


A few NFC West nuggets from Football Outsiders' weekly stats-based rankings of NFL teams: Todd Haley's Kansas City Chiefs stand as the most statistically impressive team, while Haley's former team, Arizona, ranks 32nd. Writes Aaron Schatz: "Now, I don't think that the Chiefs are truly the best team in the league, even if they have the best numbers so far. However, the Chiefs need to be taken seriously as a Super Bowl contender." St. Louis, Seattle and Tampa Bay have benefited from the easiest schedules in the league. The San Francisco 49ers are the highest-ranked team in the NFC West, followed by the Seahawks, Rams and Cardinals. Those unfamiliar with Football Outsiders' methodology can dive into the fine print. Schedule is indeed an important variable. I ranked the Rams first among NFC West teams in's NFL Power Rankings for Week 9. They're getting the best quarterback play in the division and their defense has generally kept down scoring. The 49ers have faced a tougher schedule, but they've lost to average and below-average teams, too. Teams can only defeat the teams they play. I'll give the Rams credit for getting to 4-4 even if their record might not be as good against a tougher schedule. Espn Mike Sando So how much does this suck that according to football outsiders we are the best team in the division yet we are not.