Chester Pitts wants to be a Niner


Via Maiocco's twitter feed: David Carr said last time he spoke w/ Chester Pitts "he sounded like he wanted to be a Niner." Pitts has to get knee ready to pass physical

Some familiar faces missing at OTAs


Niners started OTAs today. Baas signed a waiver to be there, but Brooks wasn't there, nor was Franklin.

Sam Bradford works out for teams at his pro day in Norman, OK today.


Will the Rams go with Bradford as their QBOTF? Or will they take the best player in the draft in Ndamukong Suh to anchor the defensive line?

Niners display significant interest in QB Pulley


Apparently the Niners are interested in this guy

49ers Goldrush Tryouts (Photos)


There are some nice photos of some of the girls who tried out for the 49ers cheerleading squad this afternoon. Contestant #284 gets my vote. The contestant 3 spots above her in the black isn't bad also.

Good Article On Why 49ers Should Persue Mcnabb


Not saying that i agree with the article, but it does give a face to those who believe the 49ers should go after Mcnabb, which includes most of the NFL outside the 49ers circle.



Porter busted for suspected DUI

Chalk Talk with the 49ers


49ers players from most positions break down plays for the average fan to understand. Pretty cool stuff. On a side note: Alex Smith looks like he bulked up a bit in the offseason in this feed.

Singletary Taking More Active Role In Front Office


Mike Singletary has handed the off-season "Organized Team Activities" over to the coordinators and left for a scouting trip. Does this mean that he is taking a more active role in the day to day operations of the front office? Usually it is left up to the director of player personnel and general manager to head the scouting in the lead up to the draft. It appears that Mike Singletary has taken that crown this season after the sudden departure of Scott M. How many here would be in favor of adding the General Manager tag to Mike Singletary's name?

49ersfan831 started a thread entitled "49ers MOCK DRAFT the future. In it, a reference to walter’s ...


49ersfan831 started a thread entitled "49ers MOCK DRAFT the future. In it, a reference to walter’s mock was made by Ivang101, later clarified by hellaninersfan and Ivang101, that it "gave" us Jared Veldheer as an OT in rd 2. I was strongly impressed by his performance at the combine, and had done a little research at that time into those results. Thinking that many may be unfamiliar with him, I decided to post those results to that thread. I am reproducing that post here, for those who have not seen it yet: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- re Veldheer First off, he’s huge (6-8,312). He had a GREAT combine: one of only 2 or 3 o-lineman, out of about 45, who competed in every challenge, tied for best result in both the 3-cone and the 20 yard shuttle, tied for 3rd best in the vertical jump, was 4th in the 40 (5.09), #5 in the broad jump, and #10 in the bench press (32 reps @ 225 lbs—this was his worst result yet was still in the top quartile). And, if memory serves, we had a pretty fair country guard from Hillsdale "back in the day" named Howard Mudd, who went to a couple of pro bowls for us. I haven’t seen any tape on Veldheer, and being from a small school with questionable competition, he’s a project who probably can’t start immediately, but he definitely intrigues me. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Being a bit insomniactic tonight, I was surfing and perusing some posts here. I ran across "49ers MOCK DRAFT fixed up", also started by 49ersfan831, in which he was touting LeRoy Vann as a return man. I went to youtube to watch some video of him, and while there ran across this: Jared Veldheer cleans 425 lbs Thought that this clip might be of interest to many of you. He's my pick for this draft's ultimate sleeper, though with WalterFootball putting him in the 2nd round, I guess the cat's out of the bag....