Mike LaFleur No Wonder The Passing Game Is Terrible


It's not exactly shocking why it seems that none of the 49ers quarterbacks have developed much under Kyle Shanahan. It's due to the fact that Mike LaFleur who is the team's Passing Game Coordinator. He had no experience in the role and he's done a terrible job with Jimmy Garoppolo, Nick Mullens and C.J. Beathard. He needs to be sent packing and if Kyle Shanahan remains as head coach he needs to hire someone who actually has experience and doesn't look like they haven't reached puberty yet.

49ers/Cowboys Week 15 matchup flexed out of primetime


The NFL has moved the start time of the 49ers/Cowboys game on December 20 to 10 a.m. PT. The game was originally scheduled for Sunday night. Before the season, this game was supposed to be a preview of the NFC Championship. Both teams have played the majority of the year without starting quarterbacks, and their records reflect as much. You know the season is going poorly when you flex out two teams with arguably the NFC's biggest fanbases.

Jimmy Garoppolo Disrespect Apology form


Saw this shared by an online 49ers fanpage. Thought it fitting after last nights game. Check boxes where they apply.

GB Beatdown!


Who's da paper tiger now, cheeseheads?



Run Kyler Run!!

What time is it?


Harbaugh o'clock

Frank Gore still has a lot of love for SF


Reddit user Respectmyjay posted this. Looks like Gore still bleeds red!