The Chuckie doll is back at 49ers training camp!


A year ago, LaMichael James tweeted out a picture of Vernon Davis with the Chuckie Doll. He would appear to be back!

Want to see Clay Matthews apologize to Kaep??


These videos tend to be corny, but I liked this "making of" for the SNF theme song. Anyone else like this stuff?

Galaxy, iPhone 5 lockscreen schedule


Niner fan gets Kaepernicking tat


Be sure to check out the last photo of the article - the caption practically writes itself!

Marcus Lattimore Article from ESPN


Good article on Lattimore's road back from injury

Rogan and Goldberg commentate on EA UFC Glitches


Not 49ers or even football related; just some humor to get us through this super-boring portion of the off-season. I was laughing so hard my stomach still hurts. Enjoy.... :-)

Interesting to Think About


The 49ers could be considered the first team to really put a strong emphasis on the receiving tight end. Here's to hoping this guy is back for training camp!

Sherman weighs in on the Davis situation


Thanks, Sherman. He'll keep that in mind. The day you say "No Comment" is the day the ground turns to ice.