Fantasy football name


49ers sack! (Bosa Dee's nutz)


Witherspoon stinks


This guy is a amature does not know how to look for ball when it's right over the stripe on his head Saleh does not how to train these defensive guys

rightcoast fan

The Emperor Truly has NO Clothes


The Emperor Truly has NO Clothes! York was asked, given the repercussions of his decisions about the direction of the team over the past few seasons, why he shouldn’t be dismissed for his performance. "I own this football team," York said. "You don’t dismiss owners

Kap wanting out


as a longtime 49ers fan. I really hate the latest rumors of kap wanting to leave for the Jets, which hope is not true. I really believe as do some others that will be fresh start for kap. don t leave.

Niners coaching candidates


Tom Clements - Co Head coach Offense Green Bay Hue Jackson - Offensive Coordinator Bengals Josh McDaniels - Offensive Coordinator Patriots Pete Carmichael - Offensive Coordinator Saints Harold Goodwin - Offensive Coordinator Cardinals (Might be the best pick and hurts the division) Mike Shula - Offensive Coordinator Panthers Kyle Shanahan - Offensive Coordinator Falcons. Your thoughts?

I'm quoting myself?

It's Past 1pm PST


Is Hayne back yet?



Good Morning Niner Empire,, I was talking to some of my Friends that are ex NFL players, they said, you can get Carlos Rodgers, Terrell Brown for Pennies on the Dollar,, and Carlos Rodgers can be used as a Safety, , because of his ball hawking skills and still great against the run,, compared to Charles Woodson with his age,,Can be used as a couple of spare tires

Niner Nation!!

McShay's Mock 3.0: 49ers pick Armstead


This is what McShay says about the pick, former Oregon Duck 6'7", 292 lb (5-technique) DE Arik Armstead: The 49ers need a receiver who can stretch the field vertically, and there are several from which they could choose at this spot, but they could also be looking at upgrades at corner, offensive line, and on the defensive front. Armstead is a great value pick at this spot (he's our no. 9 overall player), with an outstanding combination of size, agility, and power. He shows violent hands to get off blocks in the running game and as a pass-rusher. The arrow is pointing the right way with him, and he could be the heir apparent to Justin Smith, who is considering retirement.

Great 49ers, Seahawks, Cowboys fans joke


A 49er’s fan, a Cowboys fan and a Seahawks fan are climbing a mountain and arguing about who love their team most. The Cowboys fans insists that he is the most loyal, "This is for Dallas!" he yells and jumps off the mountain. Not to be outdone, the 49er’s fan is next to profess his love for his team. He yells "This is for San Francisco!" and pushes the Seahawks fan off the Mountain.

Thanks to 49erFanInCo for passing this joke along.

Tailgating options


A bunch of die hard Niners fan from Canada are down for this weeks game against the Chiefs, what are the best tailgating options?