accurate video of Niners-Packers game


Found this on Reddit.

Entertaining Ruggs Analysis


I know that there's been a lot of talk lately about the various receiver options available for the 49ers. Personally, I have been entertained by Nate Burleson's takes on these prospects. I've posted the one about Ruggs, and there are comparable videos on Jeudy and Lamb.

A good breakdown of our defensive line scheme, and how the roster sets up for next season


Jonny runs through the history of the LEO position, discusses fits for Bosa, Ford, Buckner, Armstead and Thomas for next year. If you've found the D-line a little confusing up to now, this should help.

The Joe Show is back!!!



Jimmy G. on Gruden's QB Camp 2014


Confident and killing it pre-draft, 2014

John Schneider kisses Pete Carroll on the cheek after Blair Walsh misses the game-winning FG


John Schneider kisses Pete Carrol on the cheek after Blair Walsh misses the game-winning field goal— José Rivera (@whoisjoserivera) January 10, 2016

So aptly describes seahawks

The Ballad of Brian Hoyer


A fan-made video paying tribute to QB Brian Hoyer, to the tune of "Hallelujah"

49ers STEM Leadership Institute designs new tee


(Blurb copied and pasted from the YT video) Alongside Jesse Sapolu, retired center/guard for the San Francisco 49ers, and Brandi Chastain, Olympic and World Cup soccer champion, Adam works with students at the 49ers STEM Leadership Institute who are designing and building a tee that will hold a football in windy conditions. After four-time Superbowl champion Jesse lends his expertise and Brandi tests the tees with her killer kick, see which one was voted most likely to succeed!

Brett Kollmann does a great job reviewing Buckner's development last year


Brett is one of my favourite youtubers out there. He does an awesome job breaking down films. In his latest film breakdown he covered Buckner's tape from last season and how he can become a dominant player

Better Rivals Drunk Prospecting, Ep. 1


David and Oscar, co-hosts of the Better Rivals podcast, get drunk and watch NFL Draft prospects. This week we're watching Mike Williams. Goes live at 8pm EST.