Aaron Lynch negated sack still looks nice


Aaron Lynch sacked Eli Manning, but it was negated due to a holding penalty. But seeing Lynch and Aldon Smith opposite each other in the pass rush is going to be FUN!

Patrick Willis breaking it down for the 49ers


He might be on IR, but he is still the leader of this team.

Joe Staley blows up a Saints linebacker with this block


Joe Staley has had an up and down year. This was a nice little "up"

Chris Culliver with a big interception to close the first half vs. Saints


Chris Culliver made a huge interception to close out the secon quarter against the New Orleans Saints. Drew Brees had the Saints in field goal range, but rushed a play and tried to force it into triple coverage

49ers Vine around the Rams field


The 49ers Vine crew shot a video making their way around the field in St. Louis.

Still have this hope, forget you haters


Colin is the Future faithful brothers

Frank Gore with an old school run


He picked up about 7 on a run that looked like it might only go for a yard or two. These are the runs we love from Frank Gore.