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Football University

Breaking Down the 49er Running Game Part 2 : Base Defense

A quick overview of run defense concepts as the second part in a series understanding the 49er running game.

Breaking Down the 49er Running Game Part 1 : Abstract Football

First post in a series looking "ground-up" at the 49er running game. This time we'll be talking about some of the fundamental concepts that every running scheme uses to create success.

Football University: Rookie Contracts

Examing the structure of the rookie pay scale.

National Football Post's Inside The Playbook: The Route Tree And The 49ers

We take a look at National Football Post's Inside The Playbook series, focusing on the route tree and how it could impact the 49ers.

49ers Defensive Personnel: Perfect fit for 4-3 "under" scheme?

How do the 49ers get the most from Aldon and Justin Smith, as well as the rest of the defensive personnel? I may have the answer.

Football University requests

Niners Nation's Football University is opening up again. What topics would you like to see explored?

Football University: Special Teams

A detailed look at special teams in the NFL. Kickoff returns, kick off coverage and punt returns and punt coverage.

Football University: The Cover 4

A look at the Cover 4 defense

Football University: The Cover 3

A look at the responsibilities of a defense in a Cover 3 zone with some variations on a 3-4 defense

Football University: The West Coast Offense Part 2

A look at the basic formations of Bill Walsh's West Coast Offense

Football University: The West Coast Offense, part 1

A look at the development of the West Coast Offense, a multi-part series

Football University: The 3-4 Defense

An explanation of the 3-4 and a brief look at it's history.

Football University: Zone blocking

An indepth look at what zone blocking is

Football University: The Glossary

A basic explanation of common football terms.