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Game Day Threads

49ers vs. Saints fourth quarter thread: Keep that scoreboard at 0

The defense continues to look great

49ers vs. Saints third-quarter thread: Can the defense keep their second-half streak alive?

So far so good, as the Saints are scoreless

49ers vs. Saints second quarter thread: Today will be about touchdowns, not field goals

Andy Dalton is currently on the move

49ers vs. Saints 1st quarter thread: Expect points at Levi’s Stadium today

The 49ers offense has been humming. And the Saints have the weapons to challenge the Niners

49ers vs. Cardinals 4th quarter thread: Let’s get a 40-burger

It’ll take two scores, but Arizona is going to go for it so there will be a chance

49ers vs. Cardinals third quarter thread: The offense is alive and well

Just need to cover D-Hop!

49ers vs. Chargers 4th quarter thread: A touchdown should do it

With the way the defense is playing

49ers vs. Chargers 3rd quarter: It’ll take a second half comeback

No Dre Greenlaw

49ers vs. Chargers second quarter thread: It’ll take touchdowns tonight

Kicking field goals on 4th & 2 from the 2.....not ideal

49ers vs. Rams 4th quarter thread: F-I-N-I-S-H


49ers vs. Rams third-quarter thread: The defense has to find a way to pressure Stafford

Same issue as last week

49ers vs. Rams second quarter thread: There will be points

Hopefully, some from the Niners

49ers vs. Chiefs 4th quarter thread: The defense has to find a way to get off the field

3rd & 20....

49ers vs. Chiefs third quarter thread: The boneheaded mistakes continue

It’s 21-13

49ers vs. Chiefs 2nd quarter thread: Touchdowns, not field goals

Today will require points. A lot of them.

49ers vs. Chiefs 1st quarter thread: Are we in for an unexpectedly lower-scoring game?

It feels that way. Expect the Niners to attempt to control the clock early on

49ers vs. Falcons 4th quarter thread: This one is sloppy

28-14 in the 4th

49ers vs. Falcons second quarter thread: The good news is it can’t get worse

We think...

49ers vs. Falcons first quarter thread: Win and get out of Atlanta healthy

San Francisco has plenty of firepower offensively to put the pressure on Atlanta

49ers vs. Panthers fourth quarter thread: Finish them!

The offense is starting to click

49ers vs. Panthers third quarter thread: The defense does it again

The swarm was on

49ers vs. Panthers first quarter thread: The Niners look to continue their defensive dominance

They haven’t allowed a first half touchdown all season

49ers vs. Rams 4th quarter thread: Take us home, Deebo

2 touchdowns should do it...

49ers vs. Rams third quarter thread: Keep your foot on the gas, Kyle

You can’t ask for a better half on both sides of the ball

49ers vs. Rams second quarter thread: Daniel Brunskill is in at right guard over Spencer Burford

Great start!

49ers vs. Rams 1st quarter thread: Touchdowns are encouraged

Tonight’s prediction: Kittle and Aiyuk find the end zone

49ers vs. Broncos 4th quarter thread: One touchdown is all we ask

That should put the game out of reach

49ers vs. Broncos third quarter thread: The Niners have to finish drives this half

So many missed opportunities

49ers vs. Broncos second quarter thread: Keep your foot on the gas, Kyle

The defense is off to a hot start

49ers vs. Broncos 1st quarter thread: Fast starts are encouraged

It’s time!

49ers vs. Seahawks fourth quarter thread: One more touchdown should do the trick

A third quarter to forget, that’s for sure

49ers vs. Seahawks third quarter thread: Keep them at 0

It’s 20-0 at half.

49ers vs. Seahawks second quarter thread: Back to Jimmy we go

Didn’t take long

49ers vs. Seahawks 1st quarter game thread: Let’s see if the Niners can make a statement

It’s time.

49ers vs. Bears 4th quarter thread: We’re in for a fourth-quarter sweat

One quarter to go

49ers vs. Bears second quarter thread: Someone has to score, right?

An ugly first quarter