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Game Day Threads

49ers vs. Rams second half thread: Win the half and go to the Super Bowl

The Niners will receive the opening kickoff of the second half

49ers vs. Packers second half thread: Scoring, optional

Where are the points?!

49ers vs. Cowboys second half thread: Score 30 and win the game

49ers vs. Cowboys game thread: The stars are out in Dallas

This should be the best game of the weekend

49ers vs. Rams second half thread: The Niners need at least 3 touchdowns this half

They’ll have to get stops defensively, too.

49ers vs. Rams game thread: Expect the unexpected

The way the games have gone today, this game could be even crazier than we imagined.

49ers vs. Texans second half thread: Where’s the offense?

The 49ers have to find the end zone to win this one

49ers vs. Texans game thread: All eyes on Trey Lance

Today will be fun

49ers vs. Titans second half thread: Will the Niners finish the game with a shutout?

The defense has been lights out

49ers vs. Titans game thread: The Niners strengths should overwhelm Tennessee

The Titans are fielding multiple backup offensive linemen

49ers vs. Falcons second half thread: The offense is on a roll

Can they reach 30 points this game?

49ers vs. Bengals game thread: Ambry Thomas gets his second start in a row

Will the rookie cornerback rebound?

49ers vs. Bengals second half thread: Both teams look to rebound after a sloppy first half

The Bengals can’t hold onto the ball

49ers vs. Bengals game thread: Ambry Thomas gets his first career start

It’s go time!

49ers vs. Vikings second half thread: Turn Cousins over once this half and win the game

The 49ers have only stopped themselves

49ers vs. Vikings game thread: This will be a big test for Fred Warner and the defense

We expect the offense to score, but the 49ers defense has to take advantage of its opportunites

49ers @ Jaguars game thread: Will Deebo Samuel take over once again?

Looking for a dominant outing from the defense today

49ers vs. Rams second-half thread: Get over 30 points and win the game

The 49ers had their best half of the season

49ers vs. Rams game thread: Tonight should be the Elijah Mitchell show

This game will be full of top-tier matchups

49ers vs. Cardinals game thread: Which version of the offense will show up today?

San Francisco has a tremendous opportunity in front of them this afternoon.

49ers vs. Bears second half thread: Touchdowns, please

Can the 49ers force the Bears to punt?

49ers vs. Bears game thread: Today is Nick Bosa’s breakout game

This should be a game where the defense gets on the right track

49ers vs. Colts second half thread: Can the Niners take care of the football?

They failed to do so in the first half

49ers vs. Colts game thread: Who will be the Niners MVP tonight?

They’ll need to account for DeForest Buckner on every play, but the 49ers should have success against this Colts defense

49ers vs. Seahawks second half thread: The offense wasted a great defensive half

49ers vs. Seahawks game thread: Expect a big day from Brandon Aiyuk and Deebo Samuel

49ers vs. Packers game thread: San Francisco looks to remain undefeated

49ers vs. Eagles game thread: Red zone stops should be the difference in a close Niners win

49ers vs. Lions game thread: Will the 49ers runaway with this one on the road?

Let’s get fired up about the 2021 season opener here

49ers vs. Raiders preseason 3 open thread: Warner and Kittle to make their preseason debuts

49ers vs. Chiefs preseason open thread: 16 starters are inactive tonight

49ers-Chiefs: Super Bowl LIV 4th quarter thread

And away we go!

49ers-Chiefs: Super Bowl LIV 3rd quarter thread

And away we go!

49ers-Chiefs: Super Bowl LIV 2nd quarter thread

And away we go!

49ers-Chiefs: Super Bowl LIV 1st quarter thread

And away we go!

Time to get pumped

Let’s do this!