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Game Day Threads

Week 3 morning thread: A stress-free Sunday for us

Josh Allen is on upset alert

49ers vs. Giants 4th quarter thread: A turnover would be nice

We talked about Daniel Jones’s interception rate during the week. It’s time that he throws one.

49ers vs. Giants third quarter thread: The Niners indeed woke up

The 49ers won the second quarter 14-3.

49ers vs. Giants second quarter thread: Wake up, boys

Nick Bosa came to play

49ers vs. Giants first quarter thread: How much will the 49ers miss Brandon Aiyuk?

Brian Daboll and Mike Kafka are two elite offensive football minds. What will their plan be against Steve Wilks?

Monday Night Football Thread: We’re treated to the Browns, Steelers, Panthers, and Saints

Enjoy tonight!

49ers vs. Rams 4th quarter thread: Buckle up, Brock

We have ourselves a close one.

49ers vs. Rams third quarter thread: Someone needs to come up with a stop

It’s a shootout

49ers vs. Rams second quarter thread: Christian McCaffrey is running wild

The 49ers offense is humming one quarter into the game

49ers vs. Rams 1st quarter thread: Defense will set the tone

The Rams won’t have anywhere the success they had last week

Week 2 morning thread: Which games will you be watching?

I’ll have my eyes on Joe Burrow and Lamar Jackson

Vikings vs. Eagles Thursday Night Football thread: It’s Primetime Kirk Cousins

In an NFC Showdown, the Philadelphia Eagles and Jalen Hurts take on the Minnesota Vikings and Kirk Cousins.

Jets vs. Bills MNF thread: Aaron Rodgers debuts in the Big Apple

Josh Allen has struggled in recent outings against New York

49ers vs. Steelers fourth quarter thread: Defense continues to dominate

The 49ers have been as advertised through 3 quarters.

49ers vs. Steelers third quarter thread: Don’t give them hope

Deommodore Lenoir and Ambry Thomas struggled on the final drive of the half

49ers vs. Steelers second quarter thread: So far, so good. Purdy good, even.

The 49ers offense is rolling, but the defense may be more impressive.

49ers vs. Steelers first quarter thread: Brock Purdy takes his talents on the road

Week 1 is finally here...

NFL 2023 season opener: Can Lions pick up where they left off and beat the Chiefs?

The Chiefs will be without their star players Chris Jones and Travis Kelce to open the 2023 season.

49ers vs. Broncos, 4th quarter thread: Sam Darnold gets unlucky; Jake Moody misses

Sam Darnold got his redemption, but Jake Moody did not.

49ers vs. Broncos, third quarter thread: Penalties rule the preseason

Both teams are shooting themselves in the foot with excessive penalties.

49ers vs. Broncos, second quarter thread: A Purdy good opening drive

Brock Purdy led the offense down the field after Danny Gray served as the first kick returner.

49ers vs. Broncos, 1st quarter thread: Brock Purdy went through his pre-game warm-up

We’ll have a better idea of which of the 49ers starters suit up right before the game starts. Former Niners first-rounder Mike McGlinchey is out with a knee injury for the Broncos

49ers vs. Raiders 2nd half thread: It’s Sam Darnold time

After an...uneventful first half, we switch gears to Sam Darnold.

49ers vs. Raiders 1st half thread: Touchdown Trey?

Trey Lance has an opportunity to put himself in the driver's seat for the QB 2 spot.

49ers vs. Eagles 4th quarter thread: A painful, painful ending

To an otherwise incredible season

49ers vs. Eagles second quarter thread: Only one way to go from here

No Purdy is a big, big problem.

49ers vs. Eagles 1st quarter thread: Defense, defense, defense

Will the best defense win?

49ers vs. Cowboys 4th quarter thread: Bring it home, defense

Or offense...

49ers vs. Cowboys third quarter thread: It’s time to find the end zone

It’s 9-6 at the half

49ers vs. Cowboys 2nd quarter thread: Can’t settle for field goals and expect to win

Plenty of good defense being played early on

49ers vs. Cowboys 1st quarter thread: A high-flying first quarter?

It feels like we’re destined for one

49ers vs. Seahawks 4th quarter thread: Score here and end it

The defense came up with a magical turnover

49ers vs. Seahawks 2nd quarter thread: Keep your foot on the gas

Great start so far

49ers vs. Seahawks 1st quarter thread: Don’t give the underdog any hope

Fast starts are preferred

49ers vs. Cardinals fourth quarter thread: It looks like the Niners will be the #2 seed

As expected

49ers vs. Cardinals 3rd quarter thread: Who can get a stop?

The first half was unexpectedly high scoring


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