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Game Day Threads

49ers vs. Broncos 4th quarter thread: One touchdown is all we ask

That should put the game out of reach

49ers vs. Broncos third quarter thread: The Niners have to finish drives this half

So many missed opportunities

49ers vs. Broncos second quarter thread: Keep your foot on the gas, Kyle

The defense is off to a hot start

49ers vs. Broncos 1st quarter thread: Fast starts are encouraged

It’s time!

49ers vs. Seahawks fourth quarter thread: One more touchdown should do the trick

A third quarter to forget, that’s for sure

49ers vs. Seahawks third quarter thread: Keep them at 0

It’s 20-0 at half.

49ers vs. Seahawks second quarter thread: Back to Jimmy we go

Didn’t take long

49ers vs. Seahawks 1st quarter game thread: Let’s see if the Niners can make a statement

It’s time.

49ers vs. Bears 4th quarter thread: We’re in for a fourth-quarter sweat

One quarter to go

49ers vs. Bears second quarter thread: Someone has to score, right?

An ugly first quarter

49ers vs. Bears 1st quarter thread: Can Ross Dwelley and Charlie Woerner be Trey Lance’s safety valve?

We look at what Woerner and Dwelley do best

49ers/Texans second half thread: 7-0, bad guys

The first half was....sloppy

Preseason thread: Jimmie Ward will likely start the season on the short-term IR

Aiyuk, Deebo, Kittle, and Juice will all suit up with Trey Lance

First half thread: 27 49ers and Vikings not expected to suit up tonight

Kinlaw, Burford, Banks, and Womack are the lone starters to suit up.

49ers vs. Packers second half thread: The rookies are putting on a show

Drake Jackson exited to the locker room during the first half

49ers vs. Packers, 1st quarter preseason thread: 17 starters aren’t in uniform tonight

Elijah Mitchell has a hamstring injury

49ers vs. Rams second half thread: Win the half and go to the Super Bowl

The Niners will receive the opening kickoff of the second half

49ers vs. Packers second half thread: Scoring, optional

Where are the points?!

49ers vs. Cowboys second half thread: Score 30 and win the game

49ers vs. Cowboys game thread: The stars are out in Dallas

This should be the best game of the weekend

49ers vs. Rams second half thread: The Niners need at least 3 touchdowns this half

They’ll have to get stops defensively, too.

49ers vs. Rams game thread: Expect the unexpected

The way the games have gone today, this game could be even crazier than we imagined.

49ers vs. Texans second half thread: Where’s the offense?

The 49ers have to find the end zone to win this one

49ers vs. Texans game thread: All eyes on Trey Lance

Today will be fun

49ers vs. Titans second half thread: Will the Niners finish the game with a shutout?

The defense has been lights out

49ers vs. Titans game thread: The Niners strengths should overwhelm Tennessee

The Titans are fielding multiple backup offensive linemen

49ers vs. Falcons second half thread: The offense is on a roll

Can they reach 30 points this game?

49ers vs. Bengals game thread: Ambry Thomas gets his second start in a row

Will the rookie cornerback rebound?

49ers vs. Bengals second half thread: Both teams look to rebound after a sloppy first half

The Bengals can’t hold onto the ball

49ers vs. Bengals game thread: Ambry Thomas gets his first career start

It’s go time!

49ers vs. Vikings second half thread: Turn Cousins over once this half and win the game

The 49ers have only stopped themselves

49ers vs. Vikings game thread: This will be a big test for Fred Warner and the defense

We expect the offense to score, but the 49ers defense has to take advantage of its opportunites

49ers @ Jaguars game thread: Will Deebo Samuel take over once again?

Looking for a dominant outing from the defense today

49ers vs. Rams second-half thread: Get over 30 points and win the game

The 49ers had their best half of the season

49ers vs. Rams game thread: Tonight should be the Elijah Mitchell show

This game will be full of top-tier matchups

49ers vs. Cardinals game thread: Which version of the offense will show up today?

San Francisco has a tremendous opportunity in front of them this afternoon.