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In Memoriam

Saying Goodbye to the 'Stick

The excitement of a possible playoff clinching for the 49ers is intersected with a healthy dose of nostalgia and sadness, as it appears likely the team's longtime home will open its doors for the last time. Looking back on what made it so great...

Niners made mortals in Minnesota

The San Francisco 49ers fall to 2-1 as they suffer their first loss of the season to the underdog Minnesota Vikings.

Remembering The Legacy Of Al Davis

Remember Al Davis' legacy. He may have done more for the game of football than any single owner.

Former 49ers Great Joe "The Jet" Perry Passes Away

We take a look back at the career of 49ers great Joe Perry in light of his recent passing.

A Belated Goodbye to 49ers Limited Partner Franklin Mieuli

Earlier this year, the Bay Area lost an important figure in the area's sports and radio world: Rest in peace, Franklin Mieuli. These are a few words on his life.

A Cathartic Release of Tension: &%$# YOU JTO!

The Niners Nation community lets J.T. O'Sullivan have it for the 2008 season