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What do you want to ask prospects at the NFL combine?

The NFL Scouting Combine is a week away. What do you want to ask the players in attendance?

The NFL Scouting Combine is set to begin on Tuesday, Feb. 27 and will run through Monday, March 5. We’ve had plenty of prospect coverage — none of which has come from me because I’m a slacker — and we’ll have plenty of combine coverage as well.

Our own Jennifer Lee Chan will be at the combine doing all kinds of reporting, and all the football blogs at SB Nation are being asked to take questions from our readers to be asked. Basically, we’re looking for you to submit any questions you want asked — your best questions — whether they are questions for a specific player or general questions you’d like answered from anyone or multiple times.

They’ll be rounding up the questions to try and get as many of the good ones answered as possible. Since we’ll have Jennifer there, it’s especially important for us. I thought this would be a good kind of post to close out the first night without Fooch, who is away on a vacation/honeymoon for the next three weeks and, conveniently, will miss the combine (you can all refer to me as Fooch 2, or The One True Fooch, or The Great and Glorious Fooch in his absence, if you’d prefer).

I’m sure many of you are just dying to ask multiple players if they’ve ever been thrown out of a medical screening before. It may be a popular question in Indianapolis. So sound off in the comments, and if you need a list of NFL combine invitees, well we’ve got you covered there, too.