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2014 NFL Draft: 49ers picks, news, rumors, analysis

SI is back to re-grade the 49ers 2014 draft class

It’s been four years, and that’s usually how long it takes to get a good handle on a draft class. This one got some production.

49ers slip a grade in SI re-grade of 2014 NFL draft

How many of the remaining members of this class will be around in 2018?

Martin, Lynch get PPE pay raises

Time to break down how the 2016 snap counts of Marcus Martin and Aaron Lynch netted them pay raises with the San Francisco 49ers.

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Patton, fan expectations and performance

Who can sign extensions next offseason?

The San Francisco 49ers have several talented players from the 2014 draft class. In seven months they can start talking contract extensions.

Considering snap counts and Jimmie Ward's 5th year option

The San Francisco 49ers have some decisions to make as to how they will play Jimmie Ward. This will impact his fifth year option.

Mel Kiper re-grades 2014 draft

Mel Kiper takes a moment away from 2015 draft analysis to provide us with new grades for 2014 draft classes. Here is what he had to say about the San Francisco 49ers.

Baalke liked this guy

It sounds like the San Francisco 49ers tried to make some noise in the 2014 NFL Draft. We take a look at Trent Baalke's comments about Odell Beckham Jr.

Some draft "what ifs" can be fun to consider

The San Francisco 49ers selected Carlos Hyde in the second round of the 2014 draft, shortly after Jeremy Hill went to the Bengals. What if the Bengals had gone Hyde instead? It makes for an interesting hypothetical.

49ers Rookies: Cornerback Keith Reaser

A look at 49ers fifth round pick, from Florida Atlantic University Keith Reaser.

49ers might sign LB Darius Lipford

The San Francisco 49ers did not draft anybody in the 2014 NFL supplemental draft, but they might sign one of the undrafted eligible players.

49ers Rookies: Trey Millard Scouting Report

Scouting the 49ers last pick of the 2014 NFL Draft, FB Trey Millard from Oklahoma University.

Scouting out 49ers OG Brandon Thomas

A look at 49ers third round selection offensive lineman Brandon Thomas.

49ers 2014 offseason tracker

The 2014 San Francisco 49ers will look to work their way back to the playoffs, and get over the top to claim Lombardi No. 6. The 2014 offseason will be critical for that, so here is a rundown of every 49ers transaction of the offseason.

49ers red shirt strategy success still TBD

The San Francisco 49ers have employed a red shirt strategy with some of their draft picks the last two seasons. We break down how it looks so far, and how little we actually know.

49ers Rookies: Chris Borland Scouting Profile

A closer look at 49ers third round pick Chris Borland from Wisconsin.

49ers Rookies: Aaron Lynch Scouting Profile

We take a look at fifth round edge rusher Aaron Lynch.

NN Podcast: NFL Draft, Stevie Johnson trade recaps

Tre and Jason are joined by Professor, Doctor, and NN member Grant Poettcker to discuss the 49ers' haul in the NFL Draft, as well as the Stevie Johnson trade.

Ranking the draft picks by first-year Impact

We take a look at how each of the 49ers 12 picks can impact in 2014.

NFL Re-Draft: Everything the 49ers did is wrong

Because Trent Baalke is no James Brady.

Checking out the NFC West draft classes

The 2014 NFL Draft is a wrap and the NFC West put together some strong classes. We take an early look at the rest of the division.

Alex Smith trade haul not too shabby

The San Francisco 49ers have just about figured out exactly what they got in exchange for quarterback Alex Smith. And it is not too shabby at all.

GIF breakdown of El Guapo

An in depth scouting report with GIF analysis of new 49er running back Carlos Hyde

Niners Nation NFL Draft Grades

The 2014 NFL draft is over, Nick Chiamardas and I give you our draft grades for every team.

Coach Harbaugh wraps up the draft

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh wrapped up day 3 with a Saturday evening press conference. We've got the transcript and a link to video.

Hyde not insurance, he's the future feature back

Carlos Hyde was an unexpected pick, but that doesn't mean big things aren't in store for him in San Francisco.

Analyzing the 49ers draft day trades

Trent Baalke moved all over the board on the second day of the NFL Draft. We break down the value the 49ers were able to add via five draft day trades.

How do you grade out the 49ers 2014 draft?

The San Francisco 49ers made four trades and selected 12 players in the 2014 NFL Draft. How does it grade out?

Video of Bruce Ellington getting call from 49ers

Trent Baalke wraps up the draft

San Francisco 49ers general manager Trent Baalke wrapped up the 2014 NFL Draft on Saturday evening. He met with the press and broke down the various picks and team philosophy. He even got in a Dr. Seuss mention.

UDFA tracker is officially underway!

The San Francisco 49ers will be looking to sign approximately five college free agents after the 2014 NFL draft ends. We are tracking them all here.

49ers 2014 NFL Draft class

We've got a full rundown of the 49ers 2014 NFL Draft class. Undrafted free agency is officially underway, so the 49ers rookie class will grow, but here are this year's draft picks.

49ers draft Kaleb Ramsey, Trey Millard in 7th

49ers pick CB Kenneth Acker

The San Francisco 49ers made their one sixth round pick of the day, drafting Southern Methodist cornerback Kenneth Acker.

49ers add CB Keith Reasier

The San Francisco 49ers drafted Florida Atlantic cornerback Keith Reaser with pick No. 170. He'll be an NFI list candidate.

49ers draft USF DE/OLB Aaron Lynch

The San Francisco 49ers made their third pick of day three, using a fifth round pick on USF DE/OLB Aaron Lynch. The 49ers have four picks remaining.


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