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2016 NFL Draft: 49ers picks, mock drafts, news, rumors, analysis

Rereading NFL Draft profiles: DT Deforest Buckner

Did the experts get it right?

The ACL All-Star That Wasn’t

Thanks, Baalke.

Former 49er Will Redmond heads to Kansas City

The 49ers 2016 class is down to a small handful of players.

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Prove you were better than Baalke in 2016

Mel Kiper re-grades 2016 NFL Draft

The 49ers got some solid contributions from the 2016 draft class, but numerous questions remain.

ESPN re-drafts 2016 NFL Draft

The 49ers did well, but could they have found another option at No. 7?

Bucky Brooks gives 49ers 2016 draft class solid grade

DeForest Buckner headlines a group that Brooks identified as a potential foundation for the future.

2016 NFL Draft re-draft shakes up 49ers-Rams

The 49ers have gotten production from their first round picks this year, but could they have done better?

Kelvin Taylor signs with Seahawks practice squad

It always seems to end this way.

Prescott: 49ers were one of the teams he talked to least

It doesn’t matter now, but considering his strong start, it’s worth a note.

Week 1 college football thread

LSU and Wisconsin square off at Lambeau Field. One of the many great games on the opening weekend of College Football.

Cowboys draft board may have leaked again

The Dallas Cowboys’ draft board might have leaked for a third time in seven years. Time to compare their thoughts with the 49ers picks this spring.

2016 Supplemental Draft details

The 2016 NFL Supplemental Draft takes place Thursday morning. We break down the details.

Buckner celebrating on draft day

6 players are eligible for the supplemental draft

We’ve found out the names of players eligible for the 2016 NFL Supplemental Draft. Do any jump out at you?

Some surprises in 49ers UDFA spending

The San Francisco 49ers gave out $203,000 in guaranteed money. Looking through the list there are a few interesting names that could have a strong shot at the practice squad.

Five early-round players likely to disappoint in 2016

Probable rookie season struggles from 2016 Draft selections

Vernon Adams traded for a first round pick!

His odyssey to become a professional quarterback continues!

The Bucs may have had a 1st rd grade on their kicker

It's always entertaining when someone seems to draft a special teams player too early. But there's plenty to consider with such a move.

Draft analysts weighed in on Burbridge pre-Combine

Any reason to think 6th-rounders could surprise?

Sixth-round draft picks don't often do anything of note in the NFL. Could any of the 49ers' sixth-round picks be exceptions to the rule?

Vernon Adams likely headed to CFL

49ers, others might have dodged injury bullet

PFF's best, worst 49ers pick

Kelvin Taylor scouting report

Niners Nation's Jake Narayan breaks down former Florida running back, Kelvin Taylor.

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Re-scouting DeAndre Smelter

Your 2016 NN Armchair GM is....

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Fahn Cooper scouting report

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One look at a 49ers draft decision

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Ronald Blair is most intriguing day-three pick

Finding contributors on day three of the NFL draft isn't easy, but the 49ers might have one in Appalachian State's Ronald Blair.

Who was the "best pick" for the 49ers?

Which of the 49ers 11 picks is the best pick? That would be as opposed to strictly the best player.

Rashard Robinson scouting report

Niners Nation's Jake Narayan breaks down the 49ers fourth round draft selection, Rashard Robinson.

A GPA for the draft grades

There 49ers had a high standard deviation when it comes to 2016 draft grades, but that is likely due to one particular outlier.

3 take-aways from Baalke's SPARQ draft strategy

We use SPARQ data to find trends in Trent Baalke's draft strategy.

Redmond adds high-variance option at CB

Wait, a cornerback AND a torn ACL in the same pick? Trent Baalke fulfills his greatest draft desires with Mississippi State's Will Redmond, who adds a high-variance option to the 49ers depth chart at corner.


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