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2020 NFL Playoffs

Ravens vs. Bills: How to watch & open thread

Can Baltimore slow down Josh Allen and the high-flying Buffalo offense?

NFC Playoff picture heading into Week 14: The 49ers are going to need some help

We walked through a few playoff scenarios where the 49ers could make it. There’s a couple of different ways for the Niners to sneak in at 8-8

Football Outsiders gives the 49ers a 2.7% chance to capture the final wild-card spot.

It would take a 5-1 finish

49ers vs. Chiefs Super Bowl LIV Final score: 4th quarter meltdown cost the 49ers a Super Bowl 31-20

The San Francisco 49ers are back in the big dance and face the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV! Find information here on the 49ers-Chiefs game time, TV channel, live online streaming options, radio, announcers and more!

Lessons from the first KC-SF game this year

Everyone seems to forget that the Niners already beat these guys

49ers vs. Packers NFC Championship: Final Score: Despite small second-half surge, San Francisco crushes Green Bay 37-20, 49ers are going to the Super Bowl

The San Francisco 49ers host the Green Bay Packers for the NFC Championship game and a trip to the Super Bowl on the line. Find information here on the 49ers-Packers game time, TV channel, live online streaming options, radio, announcers and more!

NFC Championship is set with 49ers-Packers

This is no gimmie

49ers vs. Vikings NFC divisional final score: 49ers dominate Vikings on both sides of the ball in impressive 27-10 win

The San Francisco 49ers host the Minnesota Vikings for the NFC divisional round in the NFL playoffs. Find information here on the 49ers-Vikings game time, TV channel, live online streaming options, radio, announcers and more!

Predict the 49ers’ first offensive play, tackle, and touchdown vs. Vikings

Prediction time! What will the 49ers run as their first offensive play? What 49ers defender will secure the first tackle. How will the 49ers score their first touchdown?

Jimmy G and the first playoff game curse

It’s not a real thing

49ers Defensive Focus: Stopping Kirk & the Vikings Play Action Game

Dalvin Cook and the ground game get all of the attention, but the Niners need to focus on stopping Kirk Cousins & the vaunted Minnesota play-action scheme

Four 49ers who have something to prove this postseason

With free agency on the horizon, this is a chance for several key 49ers to prove their worth for the future.

Seahawks vs. Eagles wild card game thread

And now what we really care about

NFC Divisional is set with 49ers-Vikings

The 49ers will not be facing the Seattle Seahawks next week regardless of what happens later today

Vikings vs. Saints wild card game thread

The NFC wild card begins with the Vikings and the Saints

Titans vs. Patriots wild card game thread

The AFC continues their playoffs with the Tennessee Titans traveling to take on the New England Patriots.

Bills vs. Texans wild card game thread

Wild Card Weekend kicks off with the AFC. We have the Buffalo Bills taking on the Houston Texans. Here’s all the pertinent info for the game.

Resale seats for the 49ers playoff game are the highest among all home postseason teams

We have info on where the official watch party is

Which opponent would the 49ers want to face in the divisional round of the playoffs?

Vikings, Eagles, or Seahawks? Which team will San Francisco want to face in the opening round of the playoffs?

Two different playoff scenarios for the 49ers

The 49ers can be the top seed or the fifth seed

The 49ers are still in control of their own destiny

Win out and none of these scenarios will matter

Week 15 NFL rooting guide for playoff positioning

Come on Panthers, seal this deal.

49ers can clinch a playoff berth in Week 15

With a win, or a Rams loss, or both the Packers and Vikings losing

Week 14 NFL rooting guide for playoff positioning

Time to Ram it!

Facing the Dallas Cowboys in the playoffs? Could be worse. I guess.

If the 49ers are forced into the wildcard, things could always be worse.

NFC Playoff Picture heading into Week 14: Just keep winning

You too, Rams.

Week 13 rooting guide for 2019 playoffs


Week 12 rooting guide for 2019 playoffs


Week 10 rooting guide for 2019 playoffs

It’s not draft positioning now, it’s playoffs, baby!

The Game Manager, Super Bowl 53: Patriots 13, Maroon 5, Rams 3

The score was a throwback to the Super Bowls of the 70s. The highlight was a commercial throwing back to many of the best players in the history of the NFL. Sean McVay looked like he wanted to throw up.

Worst Super Bowl Ever

Even the ads were bad. Even TOM BRADY was bad.

Mullens would have beaten the Patriots

That was a game. There was a winner.

Super Bowl 53 game thread

60 minutes of football left in the 2018 season.

Who you rooting for today?

If you have to choose something other than the sweet meteor of death.

Nuts & bolts to get you ready for Super Bowl 53

The rematch is about to begin. Some of you are watching it, some of you are watching commercials. In any case here’s all the pertinent info for the game.

Shanahan designs, runs a play he thinks McVay might use in Super Bowl

The 49ers head coach probably knows a thing or two about Sean McVay’s playbook.