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NN Roundtable

If you had to pick one reason why the 49ers brought Jimmy Garoppolo back..why?

You can’t narrow it down to one reason but we’ll try to anyway

What are you looking forward to the most in tonight’s preseason game?

Most of the answers will be the quarterback, but is there anything else?

If you knew the 49ers would never win a Super Bowl again, would you still root for them?

It’s easy an easy answer for most of our staff

NN roundtable: Six reasons to be excited about the 49ers' upcoming season

Six members of the Niners Nation staff gave a reason why they’re excited for the 49ers upcoming season.

Shanaplan Podcast: The Justin Fields Episode

We’ll be breaking down each of the quarterback prospects over the next month. First up: Justin Fields.

What position group are you most interested in seeing against Dallas, and why?

Will it be all eyes on the Rookies?