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Non-49ers Game Threads

Super Bowl thread: Rams vs. Bengals — will the NFC West be crowned a champion?

I believe so

Sunday Playoff thread: Rooting for the Bucs and the Bills

Can today’s games top yesterday?

Cardinals vs. Rams game thread: “Sell” both teams in the playoffs

This should be a lower scoring game

Wild card weekend Saturday thread: It’s the new school versus the old school

Are you rooting for anybody today?

Monday Night Football thread: Dolphins @ Saints

Come on, Tua

Colts vs. Cardinals game thread: Will Kliff Kingsbury figure it out?

The Packers held off the Browns

Tuesday Night Football thread: Will the Seahawks score?

Washington is currently squaring off against the Eagles

Early game thread: 6 games on the early slate

COVID has affected multiple teams

MNF thread: The Rams haven’t beaten a team over .500 since Week 3

They’re losing by an average of two touchdowns

Steelers @ Vikings Thursday Night Football thread: Minnesota looks to stay alive in the playoff hunt

A loss tonight would all but end the Vikings season

Washington vs. Seattle Monday Night Thread: A future HOF QB versus Russell Wilson

Seattle has lost two in a row

Patriots @ Falcons Thursday Night Football thread: Do your thing, Mac Jones

The 49ers need Atlanta to lose for playoff purposes

Week 10 early game thread: There are 7 games on the slate this morning

Which game are you watching?

Thursday night open thread: Can the shorthanded Packers beat the Cardinals?

Aaron Rodgers against Kyler Murray should be fun

Saints @ Seahawks thread: Come on, Jameis

The Seahawks will fall to last place in the NFC West with a loss tonight

Early game thread: Which game will you be watching?

There is a lot of potential for blowouts this morning

Sunday Night Football Thread: Go Steelers

Geno Smith fills in for Russell Wilson and takes on Pittsburgh

Afternoon open thread: Kyler takes on Baker

We also have Dak vs. Belichick and the Jon Gruden-less Raiders

Week 6 early game thread: An encore for Lamar

There are seven games on the early slate

Early morning game thread: There are eight games on the early slate

Thursday night football thread: Rams @ Seahawks

Jalen Ramsey against DK Metcalf

Raiders vs. Chargers game thread: Carr takes on Herbert

Early game thread: There are nine games on the morning slate

Thursday night football thread: Two No. 1 overall picks go at it tonight

Week 3 early game thread: Go Jags!

Sunday Night Football thread: Patrick Mahomes versus Lamar Jackson

NFL Week 1 game thread: Tampa Bay vs. Dallas

Preseason open thread, Week 2: There are 10 games on today’s slate

Josh Allen versus Justin Fields to start the day off

Week 1 preseason thread: There are 10 games on today’s slate

NFL Preseason thread: Mac Jones makes his debut against Washington

Monday night football thread: The Eagles versus another team

Early morning game thread: Five games on the early slate

Enjoy the Masters instead

Thursday Night Football thread: Rivers vs. Tannehill

The Colts take on the Titans in an AFC South matchup

Late game thread: Three games on the afternoon slate

Kyler vs. Tua is the most intriguing

Early morning game thread: We have five games on the early slate

Which game will you be watching?

Monday night football thread: Tompa Bay versus Danny Dimes