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NFL mock draft database 2015 - 49ers picks across the Internet

We break down a variety of NFL mock drafts, considering position and players projected to the 49ers in the 2015 NFL Draft.

Welcome to the 8th annual Niners Nation Mock Draft Database. This compilation of 2015 NFL Mock Drafts contains numerous mock drafts to give us a snapshot of what folks are predicting the San Francisco 49ers will do in the upcoming 2015 NFL Draft. There is some knowledge behind the picks, but random chance has plenty to do with it as well. If you want to wax nostalgic, you can check out our 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 databases. We start with 22, and will build from there as more come available.

In the months leading up to the NFL Draft, hundreds, if not thousands of websites put together mock drafts on a fairly regular basis. Some of these people have put a lot of time and energy into their daily or weekly mock drafts, while others slap something together for some page views and never look back. Way back when, I decided it would be worthwhile to compile them in a handy-dandy guide for everyone out there. We had over 30 mock drafts included and it helped give us a solid idea of what kind of consensus (if any) there was for the 49ers first round pick.

There are countless mock drafts on the Internet, so I won't claim that this is fully representative. But if a vast majority of sites are showing one guy, I think it's safe to say we are getting a bit of consensus. We generally use more prominent sites since they have a certain level of respectability, or at least they're well known to be worth considering. Not all are the most prominent, but we have generally stuck with some similar sites over the years. If you click on the link for the given mock you can read what they have to say about the particular player. Additionally, we've added the ability to sort by player, position, college and it was last updated.

If you're interested in checking out more of Niners Nation, click on the site logo on the top left to head to the front page. If you want to comment on daily posts, just register for free. As a registered user you can comment, post FanPosts (which are like mini-blogs within the blog) and FanShots (quick-hitting items). We've got a great community, so feel free to make us part of your daily web surfing. And if you ever have any suggestions for this database or the site in general, post a comment in one of the posts or shoot me an email at Enjoy!

Mock Draft Player Position College Last Updated
Mocking the Draft Marcus Peters CB Washington 4/29
Maiocco Byron Jones CB Connecticut 4/29
Barrows Marcus Peters CB Washington 4/29
Biderman Byron Jones CB Connecticut 4/29
Taylor Price Dorial Green-Beckham WR Missouri 4/24
Tyler Emerick Arik Armstead DL Oregon 4/24
Scott Kegley Marcus Peters CB Washington 4/24
Joe Fann Trae Waynes CB Michigan State 4/24
Mel Kiper Arik Armstead DL Oregon 4/24
CBS Sports - Rob Rang Byron Jones CB Connecticut 4/27
CBS Sports - Dane Brugler Shane Ray OLB Missouri 4/27
CBS Sports - Pete Prisco Arik Armstead DL Oregon 4/28
Draft King Arik Armstead DL Oregon 4/23
DraftTek Danny Shelton DL Washington 4/29
Guy's NFL Draft Lockerroom Arik Armstead (trade down) DL Oregon 4/29
My NFL Draft Arik Armstead DL Oregon 4/27
NFL Draft Geek Kevin Johnson CB Wake Forest 4/28
Walter Football Kevin Johnson CB Wake Forest 4/29
Walter Football (Campbell) Arik Armstead DL Oregon 4/29
SI (King) Arik Armstead DL Oregon 4/28
NFL Draft Room Melvin Gordon RB Wisconsin 4/28
The Football Expert Arik Armstead DL Oregon 4/29
Football Draft Analysis Arik Armstead DL Oregon 4/30
Alpha Football Expert Malcom Brown DL Texas 4/28
Todd McShay Arik Armstead DL Oregon 4/22
The Sports Bank Arik Armstead DL Oregon 4/30
Draft Site Arik Armstead DL Oregon (Mayock) Arik Armstead DL Oregon 4/29 (Casserly) Arik Armstead DL Oregon 4/27 (Jeremiah) Arik Armstead DL Oregon 4/20 (Davis) Arik Armstead DL Oregon 4/27