Full list of 49ers visits, workouts prior to 2016 NFL Draft

The San Francisco 49ers met and interacted with a wide range of college football players in preparation for the 2016 NFL Draft. We have been tracking the list here, but I thought I would pull out the pre-draft visits and workouts specifically. The team does not meet with every player they draft, but when a team conducts a private workout or flies a player in for a visit, it seems worth a little extra look.

On Tuesday, wide receiver Laquon Treadell re-confirmed on PFT Live that he visited with the 49ers prior to the draft. This is old news as he said back in mind-March that the 49ers were on his list of teams to visit.

49ers GM Trent Baalke said the team ended up hosting 28 players out of the 30 they are allotted. We have a good idea of 24 visits. There are a couple more that were either private workouts or host visits, but we're not sure. Again, this list below is just workouts of host visits. This list includes the reports related to the various other interactions we have heard about.


Connor Cook, Michigan State - Pro Day (Link), Private workout (Link), Host visit (Link)
Jared Goff, Cal - Combine (Link), Private workout (Link), Host visit (Link)
Kevin Hogan, Stanford - Host visit (Link)
Joe Licata, Buffalo - Private workout (Link)
Carson Wentz, North Dakota State - Private workout (Link)

Running Back

Kenneth Dixon, Louisiana Tech - Host visit (Link)
Kenyan Drake, Alabama - Host visit (Link)
Devon Johnson, Marshall - Workout (Link)

Wide Receiver

Corey Coleman, Baylor - Host visit (Link)
Kolby Listenbee, TCU - Host visit (Link)
Malcolm Mitchell, Georgia - Host visit (Link)
Chris Moore, Cincinnati - Pro day (Link)
Laquon Treadwell, Ole Miss - Pro Day (Link), Host visit (Link)

Tight End

Matt Weiser, Buffalo - Private Workout (Link)

Offensive Line

Fahn Cooper, Ole Miss - Host visit (Link)
Joe Dahl, Washington State - Workout or host visit (Link)
Clay DeBord, Eastern Washington - Workout or host visit (Link)
Rees Odhiambo, Boise State - Workout or Host visit (Link)
Isaac Seumalo, Oregon State - Host visit (Link)
Brandon Shell, South Carolina - Private workout (Link)

Defensive Line

Kevin Dodd, Clemson - Private workout/visit (Link)
Robert Nkemdiche, Ole Miss - Host visit (Link)
D.J. Reader, Clemson - Combine (Link), Host visit (Link)

Outside Linebacker

Kamalei Correa, Boise State - Host visit (Link)
Shaq Lawson, Clemson - Combine (Link); Private workout, host visit (Link)

Inside Linebacker

B.J. Goodson, Clemson - Private workout (Link)
Myles Jack, UCLA - Pro Day (Tarver working out linebackers); Host visit (Link)
Deion Jones, LSU - Workout (Link)
Deon King, Norfolk State - Private workout (Link)
Jaylon Smith, Notre Dame - Host visit (Link)


Mackensie Alexander, Clemson - Combine (Link), Host visit (Link)
Eli Apple, Ohio State - Host visit (Link)
William Jackson III, Houston - Host visit (Link)
Eric Murray, Minnesota - Host visit (Link)


Connor Cook-Joe Licata 2016!!!!

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Niners Nation my implode if we drafted Connor Cook at 7

Not likely but we could trade back and end up drafting him.

Remember the 49ers were rumored to be interested in the first overall pick.

Connor Cook would be a bad pick for us but the closer the draft get the more nervous I get about Baalke taking a QB in round 1

Unless its Goff I am not interested in a round 1 qb

not at 7 but Baalke could trade back into the bottom of round one, say #28,

we traded with KC last draft.
Maybe again this draft.

Arizona at #29 and Denver at #31 could be in the market for Cook
It’s rumored that Baalke likes Cook. He might want to grab him at #28.

Why not just keep trading back?

Think of all the 4th, 5th, and 6th rounders we could get for our 1st and 2nd round picks!!!

my take

if they pick at 7, it’s under wraps and there was no visit

all the visits were spent making sure if they traded down, they still got it right

No meetings with Bosa or Ramsey

not needed

Their seasons speak loud enough for their work

99% on sparc cockstrength

I still always wonder

What does a player think when he is drafted by a team that he never even met or spoke with?

Jay Cutler did an interview

regarding how he never met or spoke with anyone from the Broncos prior to them trading up and drafting him.

Whoops, wrong thread. Ignore.

Breaking News

Members of our management team are "getting along".
Sources. Cam Inman.

I’ve never heard of such a thing. Could it be true? Can this still be our same ol’ 49er team?


It's all a lie

Trent is just trying to drive up the trade value of Chip Kelly prior to the draft.


At least that’s the vision proposed by Baalke, the ever-confident general manager who’s counting on Kelly’s coaching to halt the franchise’s two-year tailspin.


good read

chip tends to draft defense – not great at it
baalke tends to draft offense – not great at it

also chip loves him some pac12 guys, while baalke has drafted only 6 in his 6 years

When has either drafted well on offense?

no buckner or tunsil

not sure if i should be worried…

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