Chuck Pagano said the Colts got their ass kicked by the 49ers

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The Los Angeles Rams lead the NFC West after completely and utterly humiliating the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. The Colts were so bad that even today’s mistake-prone San Francisco 49ers team probably would have scored a few touchdowns on them.

In fact, the Rams beat them so bad, that’s what Colts head coach Chuck Pagano thought happened, apparently.

That’s Pagano saying the Colts got their “asses kicked,” and then he goes on to credit the 49ers and coach McVay. He got the opposing coach right, which is good, but still, this was pretty silly to see.

Pagano has been under fire for some time for the Colts’ struggles, and Sunday’s loss didn’t need anything extra to stoke the flames.

The Colts did not play the 49ers on Sunday, but they will be playing them on Sunday, Oct. 8 in Week 5. So the 49ers will, at the very least, get their opportunity to give Pagano’s team the beating he thinks they already did.


Future Bud Light commercial right there

He prepared for the 49ers.

No wonder he lost.

Gonna be interesting to see how the Rams do throughout the season.

Not even close to being time to draw any kind of conclusion yet but if McVay ends up being better than Kyle that’s gonna be a black mark on Jed.


Second guessing already

Wow...i fully agree with you.

Let’s give the team a chance. Lots of bad stuff too have them unlearn and Shanny’s O will take a little time to learn

We Kicked Ass

And we’ll do it again! I guess.

Glad we kicked ass somewhere

We certainly didn’t do it in Santa Clara.

Pagano is gone by week 10

yeah he is a sitting duck

Well in his mind he probably was thinking "crappy NFC west team"

and then his neurons in his brain had to flip a coin and went wrong.


Unfortunately Rams might actually be good

so he was half right.

I hope he wasn’t seriously confused.

Nothing to see here

Just a glitch in the multiverse. This is Pagano from the universe where we drafted goff last year and hired mcvay this year.

The Rams gave the ball to Gurley

19 times and he got 40 yards out of it.



The Colts gave the ball to Mr Gore 10 times and he gave them 42 yards of his heart and soul.

Rooting for Gore

to hit 14,000 career yards this year. About 900 yards to go. May not get another chance next year. They would have to give him HOF if he hits 14K. Would be in Top 5 all time.

Pagano is a dead man walking

I’m not gonna go "hot take" and say McVay better than Kyle, but he was a tire fire today. I’m sure he’ll turn it around, but he was not good today.

I know you don't mean it that way

but you probably shouldn’t use the phrase "Dead Man Walking" to describe Pagano whose bout with Luekemia almost killed him. Just sayin.

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