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San Francisco 49ers History

Why Garrison Hearst deserves his flowers

Jason makes a compelling argument as to why Hearst should be remembered more by the fan base. Who would you pick?

Kyle Shanahan’s best “in his bag” game: The shootout in the Superdome

When you think about the best game that Shanahan has called, which comes to mind? Jason takes us back to 2019.

Which 49ers draft pick over the last decade did you think would have a better career than they did?

We all have those players that we thought would be superstars, but they didn’t quite pan out.

Picking your passion: How did the 49ers become the top of your sports list?

The Bay Area is rich in sports history, but the Niners reign supreme.

You can choose one 49ers player to have an injury-free career, who is it?

We went with Marcus Lattimore, but the answers are endless when it comes to the 49ers

The 4 players drafted with the picks used to acquire Trey Lance

Let’s try and guess who the 49ers would have selected if they stayed put.

Nick Bosa warned the Cardinals about passing on him

And if we’re being fair...he was incorrect. Sort of.

49ers Hall of Famer Dave Wilcox dies at age 80

"The Intimidator" had to wait 21 years, but he wound up in the Hall of Fame

3 franchise records that will stand forever

It’ll be tough to top George Seifert’s record

Why Jimmy Garoppolo’s 49ers journey is one worthy of celebrating

Try not to focus too much on the big-game disappointments.

Kyle Shanahan’s history following the bye week: The 49ers are 2-3 during his tenure

History hasn’t been kind, but this is the most talented team yet

Former 49ers general manager John McVay dies at 91

Inducted into the Edward J. DeBartolo, Sr. 49ers Hall of Fame in 2013, McVay spent 22 seasons with the 49ers. McVay won five Super Bowls

Analyzing Kyle Shanahan’s offense in season openers

Should we expect a slow start?

‘89 Niners named best 49er team during the Super Bowl era

The correct choice...

What is your favorite regular-season game in 49ers history?

Today’s question of the day

The complete 49ers/Packers playoff history

Saturday will be the rubber match in the 4-4 series

49ers/Cowboys 70s rivalry: MVP John Brodie comes up short in the 1970 NFC Championship

The Cowboys have a 19-17-1 advantage over the 49ers in their 37 meetings

Can the 49ers win with a rookie QB? These 5 teams did exactly that

49ers throwback: When San Francisco hit home runs with draft day trades

A look back at two draft-day deals the Niners made that turned out great for the franchise.

Has the NFL figured out how to stop outside zone?

Part 2 of breaking down Kyle Shanahan’s coaching tree

Breaking down the Shanahan coaching tree and offense

Part 1 of this series looks at the coaches in the tree and some of the staples of the Shanahan offense.

Who belongs on the 49ers’ Mt. Rushmore of running backs

You only get four options, so choose wisely

Which members of the 49ers would you give a 10-year contract?

After the Mahomes deal, how many players in the Niners history would you have been comfortable giving a 10-year deal to?

Kerley: Chip Kelly galvanized 49ers’ after Kaepernick’s first kneel in ‘16

Kerley said, "I love Chip for it."

Rivalry week: Three playoff victories against the Packers in the 2010s

Green Bay and San Francisco met in the playoffs three times last decade. Aaron Rodgers was the quarterback for all three games. He did not win once.

Reliving the 49ers vs. Cowboys NFC Championship games from the ‘90s

Three games that included Hall of Fame talent all over the field

What’s one 49ers game since 2017 you wish you could’ve attended in person?

One game during the Lynch/Shanahan era

Why did Kittle fall in the 2017 NFL draft?

Which one play in 49ers history would you change?

The 49ers have a few notable ones that would have made a big impact on franchise history. Some as recent as the last game.

A look back at the Dennis Erickson era

His short lived tenure as the 49ers head coach was a disaster.

Football Outsiders ranked 56 NFL dynasties; 49ers come in second

From 1981-1998

PFF lists NaVorro Bowman as the 57th-best player of last decade

Trent Williams is ranked 59, while Emmanuel Sanders is ranked 87th

The 49ers All-Anonymity Team of the Decade

How many of these names do you recognize?

SB Nation theme week: Which 49ers’ team was the greatest to never win a Super Bowl

Too soon?

I wish that had been an April Fools’ Day joke

What terrible moment in 49ers’ history do you most wish was just a bad prank?

Who were some of the best free agent signings in 49ers history?

From The Cowboy to Primetime, San Francisco has hit a few home runs


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